How our Affiliate Works

CCHH is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization that seeks to provide affordable housing in Chenango County, New York State.

Habitat strives to help all communities located in Chenango County to eliminate poverty housing and revitalize communities. Improved property values will increase the tax base, which then adds support for surrounding businesses. If neglected, the housing dilemma could eventually damage the future economic prospects of our communities. The primary target population for the project is to help families of all ages and of racial/ethnic composition currently living in substandard housing throughout Chenango County, who need a "hand up rather than a "hand out". Habitat helps free families from unending struggles that accompany inadequate shelter. With the stability of a real home, families can devote more attention to jobs, education, health and happiness. As the cycle of poverty is broken, children benefit and neighborhoods improve.

We do this with volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations. Families are selected based on their level of need, willingness to partner, acceptance of responsibilities and ability to repay a low or no interest mortgage. Families must complete 350 hours of "sweat equity", including time in homeowner education classes. Our qualified families purchase CCHH built homes with a low interest mortgage, enabling them to own their own home.